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Engineering Workshop Tower Tussle at Shirestone Academy

We had a great day at Shirestone Academy, Birmingham this month, as students took on an engineering challenge in the Tower Tussle workshop.

The students were so enthusiastic as they were given a brief introduction to construction and creating buildings that can withstand the forces of nature.

They then had a limited time and limited budget to construct the tallest tower possible that can withstand a hurricane (big fan) and an earthquake (shaking platform).

The students threw themselves into the challenge, working in teams to design, 'buy' the materials needed and then construct the towers. They could win extra tokens as time went on as well and also work with other teams to negotiate trade deals on unwanted materials.

Things got tense when it came to testing but the students did brilliantly and most towers survived!

Check out our range of engineering workshops and get in touch to book your session!

Thanks so much to the students of Shirestone Academy for their enthusiasm and making it a fun day!


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