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Partner with us

Working together to inspire new career paths in young people
Connecting businesses to their local community, helping to highlighting to young people the careers that exist around them.

ElevationX frequently partner with various organisations, including local authorities, academy trusts and companies to deliver a specified programme of educational outreach, often focussing on a particular topic, industry or geographical area. This enables your message to be communicated to students local to you, to help inspire them into careers aligned to your company strategy. 

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The partnership can work via three options depending on what you need and all have our expert educational communicators who are keen to inspire young people.

Option 1
Pick n Mix

You can pick from our existing workshops, which we then deliver into schools on your behalf. We can highlight areas of the learning that link to your industry.


This is usually the most cost effective and fastest method to deliver a programme of activities. ​

Evaluation forms for students and teachers are taken at the end of each session.

Option 2
Bespoke Programme

We design a programme of activities specifically aimed at your industry, on topic(s) of your choice.

The programme will have it's own identity with logo and branding to suit your business. All collateral will feature your logo and the programme identity.

Schools will be signed up and we will supply regular updates as well as end of programme report with pupil number, gender split and learner impact.

Option 3

Maybe you already have a set of resources with a designed programme of activities but just no one to deliver them? And no idea how to reach schools?


Our experienced educational team are here ready to connect your programme with schools, ensuring your message reaches the appropriate young people.

We will use any evaluation forms you require and feed back results. 

Our partnership projects usually involve a high level of evaluation with students and teachers, in order to measure the output and uplift in knowledge gained by the workshop. Precise evaluation requirements will be established prior to project commencement. 

If you think there is a way we can work together, using our experienced educational team or network of school contacts, please get in touch. 
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Bridge the gap between school and career
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