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Tower Tussle Workshop

This hands-on session guides learners through the engineering process, with a specific focus on the construction industry. 

Students are introduced to the concept of buildings that adapt to their environment, before being challenged to build either an earthquake or hurricane resistant tower.

A budget is given, with each material having a different price, so teams of young people must use their funds carefully to build the tallest tower, which is then tested with a fan (hurricane) or vibration plate (earthquake) to see whether it can withstand the environment.

Topics covered

  • Engineering

  • Geography

Logistics and Planning: 

  • Tower Tournament requires a classroom with a projector.

  • This session is designed for a group of 30 learners.

  • Between 40-60 minutes.

  • We ask that a teacher is always present throughout the activities, to support learner engagement and manage behaviour.

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