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School Workshops
& Educational Programmes

Elevating experiences for young people

ElevationX is a specialist outreach and in-school interactive workshop delivery provider. 

We facilitate enriching and ‘elevating’ experiences for young people to help them achieve their full potential. We deliver workshops for primary schools and secondary schools throughout England and the UK. 

If you are considering outreach activities within your school and would like to find out more about what ElevationX has to offer, which could help you hit your Gatsby Benchmarks, please contact us at:

Why Choose ElevationX to Deliver Your Workshops?

ElevationX has a team of staff who each have considerable experience in the education outreach industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality workshops by experienced and trusted education communicators from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our exciting, interactive school workshops cover a range of subjects including STEM, science, technology, engineering, maths, motivation computing, healthy living and careers. We design our educational workshops for all ages and can adapt to suit your age group including KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5. Get in touch and talk to one of our friendly education communicators who can talk through the different options we offer further.

Develop Your Own Educational Programme With Us

We work in partnership with organisations to deliver educational experiences on their behalf. Reach your business's social impact and value goals by developing an educational programme based on your industry and products. Showcase the work you do and inspire the next generation in your field, leaving a lasting legacy for your business.


If you are a business or industry professional looking for a first-rate, inspiring and impactful educational programme to deliver to schools, learn more about how you can partner with us and inspire a new generation of industry professionals.

What to Expect

ElevationX School Workshops Enquiry Icon

After your enquiry, we will be in touch to discuss your needs. We will supply a quote and possible timetable.

ElevationX School Workshops booking form icon

To proceed and secure your date,
we will send a confirmation form and invoice for 25%.

ElevationX School Workshops Location Icon

Staff will arrive on the day around 7.30am to set up. We will require parking for a large van.

ElevationX School Workshops Report Icon

Every workshop is finished with an evaluation form. At the end of the day, staff need 30 minutes to tidy, clear the room and pack van.

ElevationX School Workshops Email Icon

Email sent with final Invoice, short survey and discount voucher for next time.

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