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Geography Workshops

A look at how engineers face geographical obstacles.

Robot Quest Workshop...


Many of our workshops can be combined to give students a more in depth and impactful experience, for example, by creating a whole year drop down day. Example timetables are below, but all timetables are designed to fit with your school day. Our team can recommend workshops which complement each other so please get in touch to discuss. 

Example 1

One delivery staff member, 5 classes each experiencing 1 workshop

workshop timetable example

Example 2

Five delivery staff members, 5 classes each experiencing 5 workshops

elevation X example timetable

What to expect

After your enquiry, we will be in touch to discuss your needs. We will supply a quote and possible timetable.

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To proceed and secure your date,
we will send a confirmation form and invoice for 25%.

Workshop page development-04.png

Staff will arrive on the day around 7.30am to set up. We will require parking for a large van.

Workshop page development-05.png

Every workshop is finished with an evaluation form. At the end of the day, staff need 30 minutes to tidy, clear the room and pack van.

Workshop page development-06.png

Email sent with final Invoice, short survey and discount voucher for next time.

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